• How will you stand out?

    The pace of economic change is accelerating. In the past ten years, Amazon has redefined shopping, Airbnb has uprooted the lodging industry, and Netflix has eroded the cable company's grip on your TV. McDonald's same-store sales have become so stagnant, they aren't even being reported.

    These companies are winning by giving customers what they want

    Whether same-day shipping, greater choice and variety, or lower prices, the biggest winners in today's economy are customers. Never before has so much been available, for so little, right now.

    It's not just marketing, it's operations

    Saying you're the best is one thing; being the best is another.

    The how: sustained, focused investment in differentiating technology

    This is where we come in. Through long-term partnership, we help introduce the technologies, culture, and perspective necessary to build a technology-enabled business. We get it done by delivering a full-service blend of vendor evaluation, proprietary software development, technology operations management, and long-term strategy and planning, delivered by a US-based team of specialists. We've succeeded when an organization has developed enough in-house capability that we're no longer needed.

  • Services

    We'll do whatever it takes


    How will you get the most out of your customer, sales, and order data for the next 10 years?

    Vendor evaluation

    Which off-the-shelf tool is best? Does it work with my existing data architecture/regulatory mandates?

    Systems integration

    Build vs. buy is an illusion: getting everything to work together is always "build".

    Software development

    If it's truly unique, we can build it. Whether web, mobile, or desktop, we have the skills.

    Systems replacement

    The most challenging project possible: replace an existing, high-value system without disruption. We've done it before and can do it again.

    Technical operations

    Get your production environment under control. Make deployments automated, move things to scalable cloud infrastructure, and keep it all monitored and healthy.

    Moving millions of dollars

    We're fluent in double-entry accounting and know our way around payments, including EMV (chip) technology


    Whether the challenge is PCI-DSS/PA-DSS compliance, cryptography, or network architecture, we've got you covered.

  • Industries

    We love solving new problems, but really know our way around:


    Replaced property management system at 800-room chain

    Facilities management

    Built a facilities monitoring system for a hospital


    "Enterprises are dependent on IT – it’s mission critical. So, the proposition, 'I can save you a significant amount on your annual IT bill and my service is almost as good as what you have now,' won’t get too many customers. What customers really want in this arena is 'better and faster,' and if 'better and faster' can come with a side dish of cost savings, terrific. But the cost savings is the gravy, not the steak.


    IT is so high leverage. You don’t want to imagine a competitor whose IT department is more nimble than yours. Every company has a list of technology projects that the business would like to see implemented as soon as possible. The painful reality is that tough triage decisions are always made, and many projects never get done. Even those that get resourced are often delivered late or with incomplete functionality. If an IT department can figure out how to deliver a larger number of business-enabling technology projects faster, they’ll be creating significant and real value for their organization."


    Amazon 2014 Annual Report


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